Monday, February 28, 2011

Facebook Statuses

The FaceBook Status Quiz:
  1. Did you come up with this by yourself?

  2. Will you wake up a friend, at 2am, just to say this?

  3. Is it life changing?

  4. Will the world end if you don't post this?

  5. Is it okay if you don't get likes or comments?
If you said no to any of these,

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


My current FaceBook status:

If your happiness depends on other people or other things that you can't control then, be prepared for one sucky life.


If you're a guy and you like this girl, your happiness will depend on what this girl does in relation to you.

If she talks to you, you're ecstatic.

If she ignores you, you're suicidal.

On the other side of the hemisphere...

If you're ADDICTED to, let's say, food. Your happiness depends on your ability to get food.

If your fridge is full, you'll be bouncing of the walls.

If your fridge is empty, the only thing you'll be bouncing off of is your balcony.

I am not, nor am I claiming to be, an expert on these kinds of things.

But from a nineteen-year-old-girl's point of view...

I have one advice to these kinds of people.

Shift your source of happiness.

Like all other things in life, it's hard but worth it.

Like all other worth it things in life, it requires work but the results are amazing.

Like all other amazing things in life, it requires dedication but in the end, nothing will compare to the satisfaction it will give you.

Don't let other things, or worse, other people, be in charge of how you live your life.

It's yours, own it.