Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So Not My Day (6/29/11)

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with.
Only cause half the time she MAKES me do the messed up shit.

Today is not my day.
Couldn't sleep last night so I was wide awake, on my bed, til about 1-2am.
HAD to wake up at 7am.
Was late going to school.
Shitty line exercise we had to do in school.
Traffic on the way home.
'til my hands were LITERALLY numb.
FINALLY finished a line exercise DECENT enough to be passed.

Take Note: It's only "DECENT". It's not even perfect like I want it to be.

Read blogs, watched YouTube.
My laptop CRASHES.
The screen was all busted and shit.


Good Shit that happened today:
- One thousand bucks to spend a Watson's
- I got my laptop back.
- I'm going to sleep now.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gerard Butler is in my shirt! (6/28/11)

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

This is my boy right there!

Alriight what happened today.
Usually, my classes on Tuesday would be 9am-12noon.
But for some reason, my class today was moved to 1pm-4pm.

I woke up at 10am.
Took a shower.
Slapped some tinted moisturizer on my face...
...went to work on my name tag.

It's coming along quite well!

My brunch of sausages, pork, beef and rice.

After eating, I went to Des's house.
The picture above is me waiting for her to finish showering.

we drove of to Total to get my car some gas.
After that, we went to Greenhills to buy some materials for school.

Des: Do we have to pay for parking if we're just going to stay here for 5 minutes?
Parking Lady: Nope, not if you're only going to stay for 5 minutes.
Des: What's the maximum time we can stay without having to pay?
Parking Lady: 5 minutes.


So anyway, we rushed in and out of the bookstore and made our way to school.

While on our way to school, Rachelle C. called my phone.
I made Des answer cause I was driving.
She called to say that our classes were cancelled.

Really now. :|

I called the school to confirm and it was indeed cancelled.

So, we drove back to my house to get the materials for my name tag.
Then, drove to Des's house and we worked on our name tag together.

Des's name tag was a GIGANTIC polaroid camera made out of cardboard boxes.
Awesome, no?

We ate some...
Casava Chips
(close to, if not better than, potato chips.)
Blueberry Iced Tea


Afterwards, we watched Due Date and then I went on home.

Commented on all the blogs I haven't commented on.

Watching YouTube videos now.

Oh and did I mention that I finished my name tag already?
6 days ahead of schedule!
Here's what it looks like.

So, this is the top that I'm going to be wearing on Monday!
I'll show you guys on my other blog how I style it and whatnot.

Closer shot.

My name is actually in 3D!

Why I Made This My Name Tag:
- I like to write which is why I used magazines.
- I like clothes which is why I made a top.
- I'm a tree hugger which is why I used old magazines for the WHOLE thing!

And it's a nice thought that Gerard Butler will be keeping an eye on my boobs.
Thanks Bro.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Your Own Name Tag (6/26-27/11)

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.

Literally did nothing that day.
Watched Revenge of the Bridesmaids.
Oh and prepared my clothes for the rest of the week.

Day 08 - A picture of something that makes you laugh.


Woke up at around 10AM.
Took a shower, makeup, got dressed, ate brunch.
Drove to Des's house to pick her up.

Des's parents: "Why are you wearing flip flops to school?"
Des: "'Cause there's no more dress code!"
Des's parents: "Do you think people will want to hire you if they see you wearing those?"

Went over to Rach's house.
It was her car going to school today.

My buddy throughout the car trip. It was very hot!!

Me & the iPod.

Went to school.
Awesome class.
Awesome teacher.
Officially love Mondays.

Went to Rachelle's house afterwards.
Ate some snacks.

Went on over to SM Megamall to buy some more things we needed.

Stopped by Forever21.

Went to Shang because the National Bookstore in SM Megamall was incomplete.
Turns out, Shang was also incomplete.

Anywhooo... Went home in time to go out for my brother's birthday dinner.
Had dinner at Agave.
Awesome possum Mexican food!

Dessert at Gelatissimo.

Yummy choices!!

Me and my little brother shared a cup of Veronese Chocolate.

Went home.

Homework Assignment:
Design your name tag.
Not "make" but "design".
It has to represent yourself.

I decided to go with a paper mache top with my name on it.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't wake me up! (06/25/11)

Day 5 - A picture of what's on your mind.
That's my school bag!

After 6 months of no school.


Can't wait.

So, about today.......

Okay, so morning!

My boyfriend woke me up with a text saying that we should change our plans.

I said okay and I slept again.

Then, my friend texted me asking about an outfit she was going to wear.

I don't know where the hell she was going but she asked if it was okay.

I said it's okay then I slept again.


the boyfriend called to wake me up.


I half-asleep-ly talked to him,

hung up,

then slept again.


my intercom phone thing rang telling me that lunch was ready.

I just figured it wasn't worth getting stressed over and just got up and went down.


Over lunch my sister said that she will text me if she needs a ride home.


And then, she found out that I was going to go to the mall that has the Forever21 so, she told me to bring in the thing that she needed to exchange.



the boyfriend texted me saying that we'll just go with our old plan because the weather doesn't look that bad anyway.


So, the boyfriend went to my street, we met up and he drove us to SM City Manila.

Paulo (the boyfriend) gave me a Snicker bar for our 20th monthsary yesterday.

Cue "Awwww.."

I bought 3 bangles from the Red Sale.

And then we went to SM Megamall.

Henry Sy, you're welcome.

We had mass there.

After mass, we went to Chinabank to withdraw some moolah.

Afterwards, we went to the department store to buy some things.

After that, I bought food from Mc D's and he bought food from Tropical Hut and we ate at the Food Court.

(which Paulo called the "Fast Food")


Afterwards, we went to Shangri-La.

And when I say went, I meant walked.

To check out if the store Shubizz was there so I can check out the pair of floral kicks that I saw on MissCoryPotts' blog.

No such luck.

Walked back to the SM open parking area and went on home.

When I got home, took some outfit photos...

read some blogs...

helped Paulo with his paper...

watched YouTube videos....


Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainy Days Make Me Fat (6/24/11)

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory.

Say hi to Milo.


Boring day.

It was POURING the whole day.

Woke up.

Found out that my plans for today was cancelled.

Ate lunch.

Watched "Escape from Alcatraz".


Ate a shitload of food.

Rainy days make me fat.

Read some blogs and watched some YouTube videos.

Fixed my bag for school on Monday.

Then that's it.

I'm going to watch Revenge of Bridesmaids.

Rainy days are perfect for movies.


That's it!

Ummm.... (6/23/11)

Day 4 - A picture of your night

Clearly, this is a fake photo but basically, that's what I did.

I woke up at about noon. I watched Shawshank Redemption on HBO and loved it.

I now have an affinity to movies relating to prisons. I thhink I'm going to download Prison Break soon.

I was supposed to go out with aya, ann and hazel but they were busy and it was raining hard so, we decided to reschedule. :-)

We'll see. :-)

Anywhoooo.... I watched some YouTube videos after that and reading blogs.
My aunts and uncles dropped by at night sooo... Yeah.

It was raining super hard and Paulo got stuck in school.

But anywhoo.. He's home and after dinner, I just watched TV and that's basically it.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 more days 'til school (6/22/11)

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

I'm a Gleek!




I got my CD of the photoshoot I did with my ICA achi for her online store.

Check me out here: MZCouture She ships internationally I think.


I spent the day pretty much watching YouTube videos (uploaded another one today)

And reading blogs.

I need to clean my room soon.