Friday, March 4, 2011

Finding a Boyfriend = Shopping

Media is a liar.

Makes me wanna bitchslap it.

Well, it's not a liar as much as it is a fool-er.

Fool-er (n) - person who fools other people

It's stupid how media feeds us all this crap about a girl being rescued by a guy.

How, we take one look at the guy and we just know.

Well, what if we don't?

Finding a boyfriend is not like an Easter Egg Hunt.

It's more like leisure shopping.

You walk around, not really looking for anything and when you find something you like, it looks good on, you buy it!

But if you like it on the hanger but it doesn't look good on, of course won't buy it.

Same goes with finding a boyfriend.

Girls, the perfect man is not gonna enter your life on a horse wearing an armor.

If that happens, bring out your pepperspray and spray like you've never sprayed before.

You don't find a boyfriend.

You can't help someone find the perfect one.

It just happens.