Monday, June 13, 2011

Cancelled Plans (6/13/11)

Hello guys!

I revisited my old blog on Tumblr and it was refreshing to see the way I wrote and all that stuff! It wasn't cause I had to write, it was basically me just expressing myself and I actually like that!

So, I am reviving this blog and going back to the daily blurbs of my life.

So, today, I was supposed to go on over to my friend Rachelle's house and have a mini-photoshoot.

She said she needed a new profile picture so that's why we planned one. It was kind of a weird reason but I never shy away from a photoshoot. Plus, I'm using the photo to enter a blog contest so, alls well.

I had my stuff packed and everything and I even had my outfit ready when I get a text that our other friend Des has a thing. An emergency with her mother so, the plan was rescheduled.

So now, I repainted my nails and I'm watching a bunch of YouTube videos and reading blogs.

After six months of no school, I can't wait to get my majors on.

The more I stay in this room, the tinier it seems to get. I've organized and reorganized everything in it and I think I need a change of environment.

I am not fit for a stagnant life.

Anywhooo... I'mm bored if you couldn't tell and I'm probably going to spend the whole day watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and eating Mozerella sticks.

I'll blog again when anything interesting comes up.

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