Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Weird How Late 5pm Felt (6/14/11)

Hello guys!!

Today was a very tiring day.

I got up at around 9:00am and I got dressed and didn't do my makeup.

I fixed my clothes the night before so I really didn't need much time.

I was done fixing up at around 9:30 am so I walked on over to Des's house.

We stayed there up until 11:00pm cause the driver wasn't there yet.

Riley, Des's cutie doggie. :-)

Riley was literally afraid of the camera.

Des fixing her makeup. :-)

Laugh laugh!


After fixing everything up, we went on over to the UST area to buy the stuff we needed for PSID. People said that the stuff there was cheap and complete so, we traveled on over there to get our stuff.
The place was called Joli's and it was across the UST Architecture Campus.


Des and her stuff!

Des loves her T-Square

The place was jam packed inside.

We had to stay outside! :-)

Rachelle and Des with their purchases.

524.77 for two things! :-/
I bought an English Scale and a Pencil Pointer
I borrowed money from Rach (300php) for some watercolor

TOTAL LOSS: 824.77 :(

Then, we all headed to my house to get my car and then we drove on over to Rachelle's house. Rachelle was in the mood for a photoshoot so, we had one. We needed pictures too for a blog contest so, the photos weren't wasted. :-)

Des in full outfit and makeup. :-)

The table full of materials!

Rachelle fixing up our backdrop in full outfit!

Des fixing it up!

Test Shot Number 1

Test Shot Number 2

We moved outside for a better background after a few shots inside. :-)

Me fixing Rachelle's hair before moving outside. :-)

Here are some of the photos. After editing on the left and the before photo on the right.

Photo with everybody while cleaning up!

Des taking off her makeup.

Rachelle in full chill-gear.

...and me.

So, anyways, after the shoot we went to the kitchen to eat some Razon's halo-halo. Then, Des and I had to leave. We stopped at National Bookstore cause Des had to check something for her mom.

Then, we stopped at HBC cause I had to get the prizes for the contest I won.

Then, we went to my house to transfer the photos to Des's USB. We watched a little bit of Water for Elephants on DVD then, Des had to go home.

When she went home, I started getting this horrible headache.

My sister went up to my room and asked me to drive her somewhere.

My head was aching but I didn't really have a choice since she said that no one would bring her there.

I went downstairs, begrudgingly, and then she said that she wanted our dad to bring her instead.

:| Sisters.

Anywhoo... I'm going to sleep probably after this. Or at least rest because the boyfriend needs help with his thesis.

So, yeah!





  1. looks like a fun photoshoot and lovely photos whether it's edited or raw :)

  2. It's sounds a tiring but a very fun day ^__^ the photoshoot looks nice! I shoould try taping papers to create reflectors :P thanks for the tip!


  3. Hi! great idea with the cartolina paper as backdrop. :) and Im a graduate of UST, missed Joli's too! :)

    -new follower here dear!