Wednesday, June 22, 2011

16 years and still going strong (6/21/11)

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been close with for the longest.

Technically, I'm breaking the rules but I can't choose just one.

Lady Gaga concert.

That day in school when we all decided to wear a collared button down shirt.
We kept telling everyone that it was just a coincidence.

Your runway debut.

My 18th birthday.

That Sunday where we had to go to school but we ended up cutting class and just going to the mall.
(The first and only time I ever cut class)

Justine's birthday when we didn't know shit about makeup.

We learned and ended up learning about hair too! :-)

Back during the intramural in high school where all we cared about were screaming our lungs out and taking as much pictures as possible.

Those days when we would pass the "Mentos and Coke Explosion" off as a topic worthy of an Investigative Project.
And we'd go to my house and lounge around and cram the work in the last possible minute.

And those days when we'd talk each other into doing things we'd never do otherwise.

I've done shit with Des that I don't think I'll ever do with anyone else.
We fondly refer to them as our "adventures".
16 years and still going strong! LOL
You'll never be bored with a Des in your life.


What did I do today?

Me and Paulo were supposed to go and pick up our jackets today but then the jacket person cancelled so, I didn't leave until about 3pm.

I went to Des's house and we went to the post office to inquire about international shipping.

The lady behind the counter was EXTREMELY annoying and EXTREMELY unhelpful.

So, we left just as confused as when we came in.

I went to Des's house and we hung out there.

We fixed the stocks for our online store, MeTime Manila and hauled them over here to fix it up.

(We're working on international shipping! YAY!)

Afterwards, I brought Des home and I took pictures of each and every thing that we had for sale.

Afterwards, talked on the phone with Paulo and sleep sleep.

I also read some blogs too but that's about it!


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