Saturday, June 18, 2011

Second Day of Pregger-ness! (6/18/11)



Today, I woke up 'cause my mommy asked if I wanted to go to the grocery store with her and I wanted to but I couldn't cause I had an event to go to!


I woke up around lunch time and we had chicken for lunch. I was legit ready to puke when I saw the chicken and I just ate one and that was it.

My sister asked me to bring her to Greenhills so, I told her to be ready at 1pm.

1pm came and she was *almost* ready.

almost ready & actually ready = BIG DIFFERENCE.

Anywhoo... I dropped by Des's house cause I dropped off her poofy jacket that I borrowed and I borrowed her camera for the event cause my brother borrowed the family DSLR.

Afterwards, I dropped my sister off at Greenhills and went of to Makati.

I got to Greenbelt at around 2pm and went to Rustan's for the event that I will be posting about, in a few days' time, on my other blog.

Des called me and asked for her camera back before 8pm.

At around 5pm, Paulo was getting really really bored so, we decided to leave the event already.

We bopped around and checked out Landmark and Forever21 and Crossings.

Afterwards, we got really tired already so, we made our way to Des's house at 6pm which was a bit too early for Paulo.

Turns out, leaving early was an awesome idea because EDSA was hella traffic. We got to Des's house at around 7:30pm.

Des gave me hand sanitizer and nose-dirt-removal-stuff. But I think I have to pay her for the hand sanitizer.

Then me and Paulo went on over to Mickey D's for dinner.

Paulo driving

Paulo at Mickey D's

Our food!

We stayed there to talk for a bit then, I wanted to go home.

When I got home, there was a HUGE pizza from S&R and I had one.

I went to my mom's room and I saw her eating Cheeto's Jalapeno and I got a bowl-full.

Cheezy fingers!!


Once again I am preggers with a food baby.

Now done with reading blogs and moving on to watching YouTube videos.

Actually, scratch that.

I am now talking with Paulo on the phone!

Good-uh night-uh

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