Thursday, June 16, 2011

Being Broke Makes Me Creative (6/16/11)

Hi guys!

My day started pretty early. At around 4am. If you live in the Philippines, then you would've heard that there was a lunar eclipse happening.

I couldn't remember the last time that I saw a lunar eclipse so, I just had to see this one.

This photo was taken yesterday night.
The moon was just extra shiny!

At around 4am, the moon moved into a position where a building blocked my view so I couldn't see the full effect but I was content with what I saw.

While waiting for the full effect of the lunar eclipse, me and aya were all on Twitter updating each other on what was happening. I was on my Snaptu which I LOVE. I'm always on it now. :-)

I couldn't fall asleep immediately so, I played Surviving High School on my phone.

And redid my nails with a black french tips!

I fell asleep at around 6am and woke up again at noon.

I ate my lunch and then I continued playing Surviving High School.

I cleaned my brushes.

I read some blogs afterwards and then watched some YouTube videos.

I had a snack of Mini Corndogs and Iced Tea and then, had my dinner.

I received a package which was the prizes from my sponsor for my birthday giveaway!
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Again, I have to clean my room. :-(

Oh and I was watching MacBarbie07's (on YouTube) video on Kendall Jenner's fashion and it made me want ripped jeans.

As we all know, I am currently broke so here's what I did...
Did it turn out good?


  1. Miiiiitch! Ang ganda ng photos na nakuha mo! Ang loser ng view ko eh. Ang liit kaya di ko na nakuhanan :(And fail, di ko masyado nakita ang red. Friggin cloud.

    Yey, DIY ftw :D Now I want one too.Haha

  2. Haay. Ako rin naman eh. Di ko rin masyado nakita! Yung building kasi! :-/

    Hahaha! MAtching tayooo!!

  3. awesome shots of the moon! wow.

  4. the red moon ? what great pictures, here in germany it was more orange =D

    lovely blog, going to follow you sweety ^^
    Hugs from germany

  5. i forgot what lunar eclipse is. is that when the shadow of the earth covers the sun?

    and does that only apply in the philippines during that time?