Sunday, June 19, 2011

Accessories I Made

Hi guys!

Acouple of you asked to show the accessories I made and I thought that I might as well show you and tell you something about what I made them for.

I co-own this little online store up on FaceBook. It's called MeTime Manila. We basically started out selling foot lotion and scrubs cause we had connections to where all the salon get theirs from.

It wasn't really our passion or anything which is why it didn't last long. So, anyways, we shifted to clothes but then, I wanted to be all creative so we started hand making jewelry.

Now, I know most of you guys are from other countries and we're trying to work out international shipping.

But if any of these pieces interest you or any other pieces in our site [click here to visit site] then hit me up at and you just might be our first international buyers!

For those of you who just want to see the damn accessories, here they are.


  1. so lovely.. i made my own accessories too. na kaka inspire kanaman. goodluck sayo ^_^