Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Day in Joyeye's! (6/15/11)

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I have been RAVING about the Joyeye application on my Nokia phone.

I you follow my friend Des, she recently did a post full of Leme Leme photos. Basically, she used the Leme Leme app on her iPhone which lets her use her phone as a Lomo camera! I was on the verge of buying an iPhone just for that app.

But then I heard that Nokia came up with their own App Store called the Ovi Store that lets you download apps on your phone for free!

I heard about this Joyeye app and it's sort of similar to the Leme Leme one. So, I have been endlessly snapping pictures of everything and here is my day in Joyeye photos!

Good morning!

What's left of my snacks! (had Mozerella sticks and Iced Tea)

Took pictures of stocks for MeTime Manila.

Watched YouTube

Painted My Nails Pink

Will be cleaning my room!

So, there!

Do you have a Nokia phone?

What's your favorite Ovi App?


  1. My favorite OVi App is my blog haha! Bias!:)) LOve the photos and your pink nails!

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