Friday, June 17, 2011

Preggers with a Food Baby (6/17/11)

Good Morning!!!

(This picture isn't even from this morning, I don't think. But still! =)) )

Anywhoo... Today, the boyfriend had a dentist appointment at SM Megamall so, we were planning to meetup there to go and walk around.

At around 12 noon or something, Des texted me asking if I was going to go anywhere and I told her, not yet. Turns out, she wanted to avail of the Max's Chicken All You Can thing where you can eat all the chicken you can eat for Php199.

So, I told her that she can come along with me and Paulo to Megamall.

So, we went to Megamall to meet up with Paulo and then, walked around.

And around and around.

We went to Max's at around 4 something o' clock but the lady told us to come back at 5:40pm cause the tables were on a first come first served basis.

(The Chicken All You Can thing only goes from 6pm to 10pm or something)

So, Des literally set her phone on alarm for 5:30pm so we won't forget and on we went walking 'round and 'round.

Finally, 5:30pm came and we went to Max's.

At precisely 6:00pm, the waiters started dancing! I didn't get any photos or videos but trust me, they just started dancing! It was TOO cute!!

Again, I abused my Joyeye.

All the photos above were of Des.

My first piece of chicken!

The Chicken All You Can thing comes with free iced tea!

Mt. Bones!!!

The last piece of chicken that I had trouble eating so Des said that we can split it in half.

CHICKEN COUNT: 3 and a half. Not too shabby!

Anywhooo... we spent a good two hours in that restaurant before we deemed ourselves "too full".

Afterwards, Paulo stayed in Megamall and I drove Des to her house and went home!

Now I'm doing the usual things.

Blogging and YouTube!

I'm probably going to make some accessories later for MeTime.



  1. I'm excited to see your accessories!!!
    me too i plan to make necklace, bracelet, and earring's using my old beads this weekend..

  2. oooh you have to show us your accessories! and haha yeah blogging and youtube are my daily activities too :D